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Eyeglass Cloth Can Not Be Used To Wipe Glasses?

Sep. 03, 2021

Glasses cloth with printing

                                 Glasses cloth with printing

Many people use eyeglass cloth wrongly, it is really not used to wipe glasses. Read on for more information.


Misconceptions About Using Eyeglass Cloth

When your glasses are dirty, take a breath on the lenses and then wipe them with your glasses cloth or clothes. This action is all too familiar to those who wear glasses. When we wear glasses, we leave a lot of dust and grit on them. Many people use eyeglass cloths to wipe their glasses. Dry wiping glasses directly with a glasses cloth without washing them is equivalent to rubbing the lenses with small particles. At the same time, most glasses cloths on the market are not made of fine enough material. After repeated use, the cloth is prone to dust and foreign objects. This is the same as rubbing dust and grit on the lenses. As you rub more and more, your lenses will naturally become full of scratches.

To put it more graphically, it's like rubbing sandpaper on the lens, and over time, the lens will naturally spend.

Tip: The lens of the glasses can not be repaired. So in order to protect your glasses, don't just wipe them with eyeglass cloth anymore!


What Eyeglass Clothes Really Do?

The real role of the cloth is actually used to wrap the glasses. When the cloth is placed inside the case, it reduces the friction between the lenses and the case. Avoid glasses shaking inside the glasses case and rubbing too much with the glasses case wall, producing scratches.


The Correct Way To Clean Your Glasses

First, rinse them with running water. Rinse them under running water to get rid of the dust and small particles on them.

Then take a clean eyeglass cloth and dry the lenses in one direction, or use a paper towel to absorb the moisture.

If your glasses are oily, you can also add some hand sanitizer when you wash them.

You can also take them to an optician. The general optician will help you wash them.


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