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  • PVC card package Microfiber Cloth

PVC card package Microfiber Cloth

Product Details
ITEM #PVC Card Package Microfiber Cloth
Material80% Polyester ,20% Polyamide
Production time30 days 

PVC card package Microfiber Cloth

If you need an individual package of Microfiber cleaning cloth,the PVC card might be the best choice for you.From the PVC envelope you can  find out the color of the cloth and also the logo.You can even add a instruction sheet ,which is the guidance of using of Microfiber Cloth.We also have Eyeglasses case Matching the Microfiber Cloth.We can also provide the service to put the cloth inside the case.And we do not charge for extra money.That is why we have our advantage that we have full product line for Optical Accessories.