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  • Pink Sunglasses Bag

Pink Sunglasses Bag

Product Details

ITEM #Pink Sunglasses Bag 
Material70% Polyester,30% Polyamide
SampleFree of charge
LogoCloth Tag or Embossed logo
Production time30 days 
Pink Sunglasses Bag

Pink Sunglasses bag is unique for the young lady ,the pink color is not suitable for men or young boys. The Sunglasses bag is made of 100% Microfiber material ,it has both Strorage&Cleaning function.We used the 75 D high end Microfiber to make the raw material ,this is the best Quality you can find in China.We have been supplying the  Sunglasses Bag for the most famous Sunglasses Brand Oakley for over 10 years.We are shipping the customed bags every week.If you have any new idea for Sunglasses bag ,Please do let me know.Just send us the prototype and we will handle the rest work.