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Yoga Mat vs. Yoga Towel

Apr. 24, 2021

Yoga Mat vs. Yoga Towel

As with any sport or fitness activity, yoga enthusiasts buy props and sport-related accessories to help them practice further. Foam blocks, canvas belts, cushions, meditation pillows, and lavender-flavored eye masks can all be used for yoga classes. Although some things may be negligible, in most cases, a mat or towel is a basic requirement for completing a safe and effective yoga class. Although towels are more meaningful in super-hot yoga classes, in most cases, the choice of towel depends on personal preference.

Share the same basic functions

Both yoga mats and yoga towels have the basic function of separating the body from the ground. From your feet, back, abdomen, hands, and sometimes head or face - contact with the ground during yoga classes, it is hygienic and perhaps more pleasant to rest your body on a yoga mat or yoga towel compared to a worn gym floor. Sweat in the thorny grass or yoga studio building. Yoga mats and yoga towels can also help you roughly define the distance between yourself and other yoga students to avoid colliding with each other in class; mats and towels are usually placed neatly and staggered so that students can avoid hitting them by waving their arms, other people. Finally, yoga mats and yoga towels can help students avoid slipping during practice because they provide something to hold on to the feet.

Step on the mat

Yoga mats can be made of different materials, including natural or synthetic materials. They usually include foam or layered components that provide some comfortable weight so that you won't wear your knees, spine, or palms to a hard floor. Most mats are designed for easy transportation; they can be rolled into a cylinder and then hand-carried or placed in a backpack. But heavier mats will be more troublesome to transport. The yoga mat is easy to clean with water and lemon juice or a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. In some cases, yoga mats can be soaked and cleaned in water before air-drying. In a hot yoga class, the yoga mat will become very slippery, and if your wrists or feet are not aligned, you may be injured.

Soaking up the sweat

Yoga towels are not just beach towels you bring to your yoga class. Instead, they are specially designed to grip the floor to avoid accidental slipping or sliding. Yoga towels are made of fabrics that can effectively absorb moisture and can absorb your sweat and humidity in the room during a hot yoga class. Compared with traditional yoga mats, yoga towels may provide less cushioning and traction. Because they are not as strong as a mat, yoga towels can be easily rolled up and transported, and when you are on the road, it takes up less space in a suitcase or backpack. Towels can be washed with other clothes, with simple care.

Best of both worlds

If necessary, you can combine towels and mats to get the benefits of both. In a hot yoga class, towels spread on the yoga mat can absorb excess water. If you are using a rented mat, for the sake of hygiene, you can put a yoga towel on it. Otherwise, you can safely practice yoga with a yoga towel or yoga mat.

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