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Reverse Inverted Umbrella vs Traditional Umbrella

Oct. 08, 2021

Reverse umbrellas

The umbrella has become one of the paraphernalia of everyday life, whether it is raining or sun-baked. Reverse umbrellas have made many people curious. What exactly is the difference between a reverse umbrella and an ordinary umbrella? Let's find out together.


What is a reverse umbrella?

Thankfully, some creative people have come up with the idea of reversing the closing action of an umbrella. The reverse umbrella, or invert umbrella, is the pinnacle of this design variation.


Here's what I mean. Instead of folding the edges of the umbrella toward you, the inverted umbrella folds in the opposite direction. The center of the umbrella slides down toward you and the edges tilt upward, like the petals of a flower closing. This action effectively captures excess rain. Because the narrow end of the umbrella is closest to you, you can slide it in after you enter your car or walk through the front door. And just like that, the frustrating aspect of the umbrella that has been around for thousands of years has been solved. You can call it an inverted umbrella, a reverse umbrella, an inward-flip umbrella, or whatever you want, but no one can deny that it's a useful invention.

Reverse Inverted Umbrella


Benefits of the Reverse Inverted Umbrella


Easy to open and close in crowds

Instead of opening upward into people's faces, the inverted umbrella opens downward into the heads of those around you. Simply lift it over your head and open it to avoid the embarrassment of running into other people in the rain. This aspect of the Reverse Umbrella makes it a safer option, especially if you live in a city or are often in crowded areas.


No dripping

Because the umbrella is coated with a hydrophobic coating, it does not cause drips to be trapped. Also, when the umbrella is closed, the outside becomes the inside, and when the umbrella is closed the rain is trapped directly inside the umbrella and does not flow down the umbrella, so it stays dry.


Open and close in the minimum space

When you get in and out of the car on a rainy day, you can open and close the umbrella with minimum space to reduce the degree of wetness.


Resistant to strong winds

In order to increase the sturdiness of the umbrella, the structure of the umbrella bone is also designed in a special lotus style, making the wind resistance even better! In addition, the umbrella pole is a rare hexagonal shape, and the choice of electric iron as the material, so the sturdiness does not matter, but also not easy to suffer from the ruthless rust of the years. Because the umbrella uses double spokes, even if the wind blows it over, there is no need to worry, as the button located on the handle can restore it to its original shape when it opens.


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